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Toledo win was HUGE for Stine Racing Team

ADEL, IOWA — May 21, 2008

Driver Matt Carter says, after rain delay, the car was a "rocket ship"

Crossing the finish line in first place at the Hantz Group 200 presented by Federated Car Care at the Toledo Speedway on Sunday afternoon was a magic moment for the Clement Racing #46 team, marking the first team win of the season; the first win in an ARCA RE/MAX series rookie race for driver, Matt Carter; and the first win for primary sponsor, Stine Seed Company. The win also marked the 15th consecutive season that Clement Racing has had a win.

But, as sweet as the win was, the race was no cake walk. "It's always tough to win, especially being a rookie," Matt says. "And winning at a track I've never seen before is pretty cool."

The race was fraught with rain delays and multiple restarts, extending the race to 203 laps for the win. "The weather definitely was frustrating, and I hated all those restarts because we pulled away after three or four laps," Matt explains. "The competition was extremely tough; people have said it was one of the most competitive ARCA fields ever."

Competitive indeed: Matt was racing against the likes of ARCA series veterans Ken Shrader and David Ragan, who had driven the NASCAR Sprint Cup race the night before, not to mention the full ticket of both seasoned and rookie ARCA drivers.

"That field was unbelievable," says Larry Clement, owner of the Clement Racing #46 Ford Fusion. "Ken Schrader, in particular, is one of the best short-track drivers there is. Matt, Travis and the crew did a fantastic job of planning and running this race."

Matt believes pit strategy was a major part of why the team won the race. In fact, the impact of pit stops during the race was huge.

"On a short track it's hard to pass, so anytime you can pass cars in the pits means sometimes more than what happens on the track," he explains. "I think we passed four or five cars on the pit stop just before the rain delay. That put us in third place going back out onto the track."

The Clement Racing crew chief, Matt's father Travis Carter, says that the restarts were frustrating and that pit stop was "better than most," but the rain delays may have actually worked to the team's advantage.

"Like with agriculture, you know the weather's going to happen and there's nothing you can do about it," he says. "But when you get a steady rain like that, it washes away the rubber on the track, making it what's called a ‘green condition.' The guy in front has a big advantage because the track is clean and the car runs better."

Multiple restarts are a cause of worry, though, he says.

"They always give time for another guy to hammer down on us and one guy did," Travis says. "Had we lost the lead, it would have been difficult to get it back."

That guy was Team Glock driver, Dexter Bean, who kept the pressure on Matt through six of the late-race restarts. Matt also fought off a last-lap challenge from Patrick Sheltra to take the checkered flag.

"The guys who were challenging me in the final laps ran clean, though, and I have to thank them for that" Matt says. "To me that means that maybe I have their respect and I know in the future how things might be."

The biggest surprise of the race? Matt says it was the performance of the car after the red flag. "That car was a rocket ship!"

Getting this first series win was made even better by the fact that Matt has his dad as crew chief. Travis Carter has been a legend in NASCAR racing for more than 30 years, many as a Winston Cup-winning crew chief and later as a champion car owner. But to Matt, it's more about family.

"It's always good to have family support," he says. "My dad has been with me for just about all of my races and all of my wins, so if he hadn't been there it would definitely not been as sweet."

For the whole team, the win was an important milestone. "Getting this first win under our belts means a lot," says Travis. "It's a big relief because you know you'll win one, but the longer you go in the season, the more pressure you put on yourself and the rest of the team.

"It's been especially good for Matt," he adds. "He drives every lap hard and he really wants to win for the sponsors and the team so he's putting even more pressure on himself. This win proves that we can do it and will win again."

Matt says the experience at Toledo will help in the future. "I think I learned a lot on Sunday; some things just clicked and I think we - as a team and myself - should be better and stronger for the rest of the season."

The win garnered Matt the Aaron's Lap Leader award and retains his Sun Trust Rookie of the Year lead. The team is currently running in second place in the ARCA RE/MAX series points standing.

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