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Stine Racing Blog 15th Consecutive Year with a Win for Clement Racing
May 23, 2008
Posted by: Larry Clement, Team Owner, Clement Racing

That win on Sunday was really special. Matt had a lot of pressure, with it being his first year of driving for the team that won so many championships in the past, and being new to ARCA.

I talked to him before the race and told him we were proud of everything he's done so far and, if we didn't win this one it was no big deal because we know we'll win one next time. But I know he still puts a lot of pressure on himself because he wants to please his dad and the sponsors.

We're real proud of Matt and the team's win on Sunday. That field of drivers was unbelievable. David Ragan had just driven the night before in a NASCAR Sprint Cup race and Ken Schrader is one of the best short-track drivers there is. That was a tough bunch of drivers and that makes our win even more special.

This was Matt and the team's first win in ARCA, first win for Clement Racing and first win for Stine Seed as a sponsor. That's great. It also marked the 15th consecutive year that Clement Racing has won one or more races during a season. Sunday was a very special race for all of us.

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