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Stine Racing Blog Headed in the right direction
August 6, 2008
Posted by: Travis Carter, Crew Chief

Stine Racing BlogSaturday night was a good didn't rain and things went pretty well. Matt's done a good job of staying right up in the front and keeping the overall points contest in mind. We struggled a little bit after Kentucky, but we're back on it and able to perfect each race a little more. I think we're headed in the right direction.

I sure hope it cools down a little here in Nashville before the race on Saturday. It's hotter than blazes here now!

This will be a good track to run. It's been good to have the car running well and not having any major accidents. When you don't have to worry about rebuilding the car, you can spend time on tweaking what's working and trying to make the car better throughout the year.

We expect to build on what we've accomplished this year. This is our first year in ARCA and it's going pretty much as planned. You have to start out with a plan and follow it through - plan the work load and get your strategy in place or you can't be successful down the road. We're making progress with each race and building on each success.

We do have some dirt track racing coming up, which is a style of racing we haven't been associated with yet. We're looking forward to how we run's something new and different. We hope to be very competitive there, too.

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Stine Racing Blog Tough Practice Might Have Been Key To Win In Toledo
May 22, 2008
Posted by: Travis Carter, Crew Chief

The win on Sunday was a very big thing for our team. The car was good, handling-wise, but we didn't have the speed I'd like to have seen, so we had some struggles. Our pit stops weren't great but they were better than most. We were able to get out of the pits in front of three or four other guys and that put us in third place before the rain delay.

The rain wasn't necessarily a bad thing. You learn that there's nothing you can do about it, so you just have to wait it out. But a rain like we had on Sunday does wash away the rubber that's built up on the track, making what we call a "green condition."

After a rain, the track is clear and the guy that can get out in front has a big advantage. The car runs better and there's nothing in your way.

What's frustrating are the restarts. That always gives the guy behind us a chance to hammer down on us...and one guy did. If we had lost the lead at that point, it would have been difficult to get it back.

Our practice at Toledo wasn't great, but that's OK. Sometimes when your practice goes well, you don't want to mess with the car and, because things can change overnight, the race doesn't go as well as the practice. If you run into problems in practice, you go back and work more on the car to get it right. So a rough practice isn't always bad.

Now that we have this win, we can kind of relax a little, but not really because next we're on to Pocono.

You know, it might seem to everybody that we run a race, have a party when we win, then just wait for the next race.

Actually, we go back to the garage and work on the car to fix what didn't work as well as it should have and get it ready for the next run.

To me, Pocono is the most difficult track. I'm hoping we get a chance to get a test run in before the race, but I don't know if that'll happen.

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