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Stine Racing Blog A Good Day at Pocono
August 5, 2008
Posted by: Matt Carter, Driver

Stine Racing BlogSaturday's race at Pocono was a good race. We had a little bad luck with a tire that went flat and we lost a lap, but we made that up and got back to fourth place. I got to pass a lot of guys getting back up to the front.

I think it was the best run we've had on a bigger track. It was a good day...a really good points day.

We're taking the same car we ran last week to Nashville this weekend. Hopefully we'll do a little better there.

Nashville is a concrete track. Most of the tracks we've run this year were asphalt, so that'll be different. I haven't run this one before but I've talked to a lot of people who have and they said you should run it like a short track, use a lot of brake.

I've seen races there and they're always good, so this should be a good weekend for us.

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Stine Racing Blog Racing Pocono was a Dream Come True
June 10, 2008
Posted by: Matt Carter, Driver

Stine Racing BlogI was definitely excited about going to Pocono, for a few different reasons. Number one was that we were coming off a win at Toledo. I had been there many times when I was a kid, hanging out in the pits, and would never have imagined that I would be racing there. It is an awesome race track to drive. It's shaped like a triangle and has three straightaways - one seems about a mile long. Every corner is different and we can use an overdrive transmission there, so we can shift gears in the corner, sort of like a road course. We didn't get to test, so when we got on the track for practice, it was a very surreal feeling. I couldn't believe that I was driving a racecar at 200 mph down a 1 mile straightaway at Pocono. Man, what a rush. The Stine car was pretty good in practice. We ended up 7th quickest and backed that up in qualifying with an 8th place run.

I was definitely excited about our chances in the race. I knew the car was good. I knew that as I got more laps, I would get better, so I was confident about the race. The one thing that was different is that it was a lot hotter and the sun was out for the race. In practice, it was cooler and overcast. That really changes how much grip is in the track and how well the car handles. Well, maybe it was my inexperience or something, but we were not nearly as good in the race as in practice. The car was a handful; it was sliding all over the place. We stayed around 5th or 6th for most of the first half of the race, until I tried to get a little too much out of the car and smacked the wall off of turn 3. That was very disappointing. It flattened the right side of the car, so we had to pit and fix the damage. That dropped us all the way back to 23rd place with 20 laps to go. Although we had some damage, the car wasn't that bad. We worked back up to 6th place. When it looked like we were going to get a good positive finish out of a bad day, our bad luck struck. We cut a right rear tire with a lap and a half to go and had to limp it home for a 12th place finish.

After all that, I was just happy to get a chance to race at Pocono. Thanks to Stine and Larry Clement, my dreams of racing at this level have come true and hopefully will continue to grow.
Now we are headed off to Michigan. We had to work on Sunday to fix the damage, since we are racing the same car this week, and we have to be there on Wednesday morning. So it's work work work. I have a great race team, with great people who are dedicated to me and what we are trying to accomplish. So I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the season.

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Stine Racing Blog Big First Win In Toledo!
May 21, 2008
Posted by: Matt Carter, Driver

Stine Racing BlogWell, this past race weekend was definitely full of ups and downs. And with some strong determination, hard work and luck, we were able to get our first win. We struggled in practice and qualifying, started 13th, and were ok when the race started. We pitted early to gain track position later in the race and beat 4 or 5 cars out of the pits. When everybody cycled through the pit stops, we were in 3rd. Then it rained, and then hailed, then the sun came out, then it rained again and hailed again. So, after two hours of the craziest weather I've ever seen, we restarted the race. 

I knew I had to make quick work of the two guys in front of me in case it rained again and they called the race. Within two laps we were in the lead, but it sure didn't get any easier.  We must have had twenty restarts from then until the finish. Every time the second place car would get inside of us, but we were able to hold him off.  It was very frustrating! 

For some reason, after the rain, our car was a rocket, I mean it was fast and we could pull away from the field in three or four laps, only to have a caution come out and another restart.  That process just repeated over and over. All I could do was hope the guys behind me didn't wreck us.  We finally took the white flag, only to my frustration, we had another caution come out as I was going into the third turn. We were 200 ft. from victory and a caution sends us to racing overtime, the dreaded green white checkered finish. I just knew something bad was going to happen. I've been in the same situation twice before, so I was prepared. I jumped the restart and got a 1/2 car length lead and the 2nd place car couldn't get to us. 

What a win it was. Car owner Larry Clement and everybody on the team were just ecstatic and somewhat in disbelief, after the tough day we had in practice the day before. I was going to nose up to the wall and do a burnout, but my foot slipped off the brake pedal and I smashed in the nose and messed up the hood and fenders.  So that was pretty dumb and clumsy, but I don't think too many people saw it. We got a big trophy and got to take a lot of victory land pictures. It was nice just getting rid of all the pressure of winning the first race. It was a good day!

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Stine Racing Blog First In Points!!!
April 26, 2008
Posted by: Matt Carter, Driver

Not the finished we had hoped for in Kansas, but it put us in first place in the points standing!

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Stine Racing Blog Newton Recap
April 20, 2008
Posted by: Matt Carter, Driver

We held on to 3rd in the points standing after a tough race in Iowa. We're looking forward to Kansas, hope to see you there.

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